Job Creation Consortium

Bamboo Farming Project

Project: The establishment of – The Bamboo Job Creation Consortium (BJCC)

Unemployment is South Africa has reached the unacceptable level of 25%. A restless youth and mass poverty are major threats to South Africa’s socio-economic and political future.

Accordingly, Praggia is establishing and facilitating a national bamboo industry, which will create many permanent jobs and a sustainable market.

That is the mission statement of the Bamboo Job Creation Consortium (BJCC), comprising Broad Based Black Economic components, specialists in the bamboo industry, local and foreign funding partners and the relevant government departments.

The objective is to develop a competitive, profitable and impactful bamboo industry involving;

  1. The agricultural sector
  2. The beneficiation of the product in the wood, cement and other industrial sectors
  3. National and international marketing
  4. Funding initiatives

The Bamboo Job Creation Consortium (BJCC) will engage in;

  1. Job creation in the rural areas
  2. Skills development
  3. Entrepreneurial development
  4. Bio-fuel production
  5. Export initiatives
  6. Water purification
  7. Alternate Profit Opportunities development (APO’s)

Benefits of Bamboo plants;

  1. Fastest growing plant on land
  2. A relatively low capital input to start bamboo farming
  3. Quick, high yield production
  4. Many different variants available that will grow from semi-desert to waterlogged environments
  5. Excellent as a de-pollutant plant
  6. Highest yield per ton for bio-fuel usage
  7. Shortest time between harvesting stages
  8. Very little attention required
  9. Create farming facilities in dead or polluted ground
  10. Can act as a water purification option – these plants are resilient and will survive and thrive in polluted water
  11. All bamboo plants have low penetration root systems, and must be fed water from the top. They do not affect water tables
  12. Job creation opportunities
    • Skills development
    • Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and entrepreneurial infrastructure development
    • Low risk financial environment
    • Easily managed (Planting, seedling and maintenance)

Bamboo product applications;

  1. Building materials (floor panels, ceiling panels, pressed wood panels, furniture, water proof outdoor furniture)
  2. Charcoal and brickett manufacturing
  3. Fire chips
  4. Household goods like plates, cups and other related products
  5. Roofing panels
  6. High strength moulding products
  7. Cloth production

Significant Features;

  1. The fastest growing land plant on earth.
  2. Drought, snow, wind, low water and low soil quality tolerant.
  3. 150 tonnes+ per hectare annual yields
  4. Higher quality fibre than cotton
  5. 30% higher oxygen production, 30% higher carbon reduction than trees
  6. Naturalized in South Africa
  7. Low penetrating root system, that has the benefit of absorbing pollution in water, including acid and alkaline products


This is the perfect environment for government to create jobs, bio fuel networks, water purification projects, alternative industries, export opportunities and subsidiary product industries that can process bamboo into it’s various end products.

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