New Efficient Power Turbine


There are a few things that separate us from the rest of the animal kingdom. One of these is our proven cognitive thinking ability. Another is our ability to contemplate our origins, our genetics, our place in the universe, God, spirituality and the physical world. However, the most interesting thing that identifies us is our absolute ability to master technology.

We design, research, build, maintain and improve complex machinery. These serve our needs. These form the basis of our modern lifestyles. Without these machines, we would not be modern humans.

These machines give us the base requirement we have to maintain our modern lifestyle. That base, the most important component, the most important requirement, is ELECTRICITY.

Without electricity, we would not have convenient light, just a switch away. We would not be able to cook our food as conveniently as we do. No TV, no Radio, no Cell Phones….. No computers…. No modern hospitals… A scary thought to us modern humans.

Electricity is produced with complex machines, called TURBINES. They deliver our salvation, as we know it today. This is what makes our modern lives possible. This ultimately separates us from our ancestors. This separates us from savagery. These save us from having to burn coal in our coal stoves to cook our food. This prevents us from relying on carrier pigeons for communications. The list goes on, and on…

Turbines are therefore very important in our everyday lives. However, most people have never heard of a turbine. Yet we are what we are because of turbines.

To drive these turbines, requires a lot of steam. Most of the electricity we consume comes from steam driven turbines.

Therein is our challenge.

To deliver steam, requires a copious amount of fossil fuel. We burn thousands of trainloads of coal daily. We burn thousands of shiploads of diesel daily. We burn millions of tons of gas daily.

Fossil fuel comes at a price. An expensive price. A price we can no longer pay. We are all aware of this. Our environment is suffering. We are pumping tons of rubbish, and poisonous gas into our atmosphere.

We are living our lives….

Apart from the financial cost of fossil fuel, the most disturbing cost is to our environment. The specter of global warming. We are already paying the piper……

In the technical world of Turbine manufacturers, this is their biggest challenge. All research in this sector goes towards finding ways to improve turbine efficiency.

Billions are being spent in this quest. The large manufacturers are making promises. They tell us they are making headway.

The difficulty, the challenge is, even though Turbines give us our lifestyles, these Turbines are VERY inefficient. Most of the momentum or force energy derived from burning all that fossil fuel, is wasted.

It is no secret.

The turbines we rely on are based on concepts patented in the mid 1800′s. Yes, we have modernized these immensely. Our modern turbines are far more efficient that those used only 50 years ago. However, more than half of the momentum energy generated by steam is still lost. Wasted…

So, no matter how sophisticated these machines are, they are still very inefficient.

We need a new answer!

Wind turbines are too impractical, too expensive and too unreliable. In fact, to replace our current electricity needs with wind turbine technology would mean every square inch of our planet needs to be covered with wind turbines. Not practical. Not a solution. Not going to happen.

We need a new answer!

That answer comes from an unlikely source.

Work has been done on a new concept. A new idea. A new piece of technology. A new machine. A new turbine. A turbine that will extract almost all of the force energy from the steam generated to give us our lifestyles.

A South African invention. A South African answer.

This new design is a new concept. The early prototypes have already shown strong increases in efficiency. We have the first glimmering of a solution. More than a glimmering.

We can reduce the amount of fossil fuel needed to give us the electricity we need.

Like all other technology that has changed our lives, that has helped to identify us as modern humans.

It has started off small. A small noise.

However, the biggest trees grow from the smallest seeds.

The current technical situation.


This is an example of a modern reactionary turbine that is designed to extract as much momentum or force energy as possible from the steam that drives it. However, these are only extracting +- 35% of that energy.

These units are highly inefficient. The amount of fossil fuel needed to deliver the same result is related directly to the efficiency rating. The better the efficiency, the lower the fossil fuel required is. The lower the fossil fuel requirement, the lower the operational cost, and the lower the environmental pollution is.

It’s as simple as that…..

The Concept:

The main difference between the Praggia turbine design and the reactionary turbine design is simply that our design extracts almost all of the momentum force from the steam, and is not a reactionary turbine. This design is of such a nature that it gives a 1 to 1 rating between Steam Momentum and Wheel Edge Momentum.

In other words, in our design, if the steam moves at 1 m/s, the wheel edge moves at 1 m/s…

Reactionary turbines, like the example shown above, has a direct correlation between the Steam Momentum, the efficiency rating and the Wheel Edge Momentum. Ie. Whatever the steam momentum is, if the efficiency rating is 30%, the wheel edge momentum is 30% of the steam momentum….

This means that in the reactionary design, 70% of the steam momentum is lost. That is wasted force energy.

This does not happen in our design.

We have been developing this concept for many years now. We aim to file patents on the final design in early 2013, and to build the final POC prototype at that time.

We are in the process of raising funds to finalize this process. Once this is done, we will publish the drawings, the provisional patent and videos of the working prototypes.

In short: Our design and our concept will lead to power stations delivering the same Electricity by burning far less fossil fuel than the current turbine wheel setups that exist today.

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