Our History:

Praggia Research Pty LTD is a new company. However, the brand name PRAGGIA has been in the market since 2003/2004.

Praggia used to manufacture products for the Motor industry. We developed bolt on kits for 4 pot, six pot and eight pot brake kits that included the rotors or disks, the disk carriers and the mounting brackets for these. We developed a market that covered the USA, the UK, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia, South Africa and Brazil.

Praggia developed the most effective Calipers that dissipated heat very quickly. In addition, these Calipers did not absorb heat at the rate of cast units. This required years of research and development in metallurgy, rubber seals, design, hydraulic research and automotive testing.

Praggia sponsored various racing teams and individual amateur racing drivers in South Africa, Holland, USA and the UK. Praggia used it’s base of sponsored racing teams to test these products in these extreme conditions.

The result was very effective and leading edge products for this sector of the market.

However, Praggia decided to withdraw from this market, and concentrate on research and development only. We found ourselves spending all our time building a brand, a manufacturing arm and a distribution network, instead of a R&D company. We recognized our strength early. Hence we had to make the difficult decision to withdraw from that market. We also decided that our activities did not fit into our personal motivations at that time. We had also over capitalized in the business, on the wrong section. That led to our decision to withdraw from that market in late 2008.

Praggia had been working on various electricity generators, turbine wheels, Hydrogen energy converters and Hydrogen Fuel Enhancers.

These are the products that held the promise of a mass impact on the general population. Developing a market around the after market racing components was strategically at odds with our emerging strategic direction. Praggia had over capitalized in the wrong sector of the market. This cost us dearly.

We started concentrating on the Turbine Wheel, The Hydrogen Fuel Additive and the Efficient Ring Generator. In 2009, we obtained a provisional patent for the original design of the Turbine Wheel.

However, further development was required, and the Turbine wheel is now at the stage where the new patents around a radically redesigned wheel will be filed, and the final POC (Proof of Concept) project will be funded by independent funders.

We are now capitalizing the new company, Praggia Research Pty LTD, and attracting funds that allow us to bring the Turbine wheel project to completion.

Even though Praggia is a newly registered company, the development of products has been ongoing under our old companies for eight years already.

These last eight years have taught us a lot. It has allowed us to grow our current strategy. It has given us the confidence to realize we are on the right path. It has taught us that we need to become specialists. It has taught us to choose our battle ground, and to concentrate on R&D. It has also taught us how to procure income from Intellectual Property.

These past eight years have taught us some very difficult and expensive lessons. However, Praggia is now lean and mean, concentrated and extremely focused. Our goals and associations are clear and precise.

Praggia is now in a position to deliver our strategic directives, and to bring years of work to fruition. These are exciting times for us. We look forward to delivering on our potential.

The Motor Racing Industry remains an extreme testing platform for the testing of leading
edge components. Praggia used this to test various adjustable high pressure fuel regulators, serviceable
fuel filters, free flow air supply systems and a full range of brake kits. Praggia developed many products for the motor industry which were marketed across the world in many countries.


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Praggia’s factory in Strand, Western Cape, milled these units from a solid block of Aluminium. A complex process that can only be done using the latest state of the art CNC Computer Controlled milling plants. These plants could cut up to 12 caliper ends at a time out of a solid block of aluminium.

Praggia Caliper ends coming off the anodizing (colouring) line. These colours are popular for the UK and USA markets.

Praggia did a lot of research into standard bolt on brake kits. Here the engineers are working on Volkswagen Golf bolt on kits.

These units were specially designed and coloured in the anodizing bay and the painting bay for the USA market.

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