Hydrogen Energy

Praggia Hydrogen Energy Project

In 2006/2007, Praggia Performance Parts Pty Ltd tested and built Hydrogen Splitters that were used as a fuel additive in internal combustion engines.

Further research in this sector led to certain significant discoveries in 2008 and our new company, Praggia Research Pty LTD will be continuing research in this sector.

Praggia believes that future energy requirements will be satisfied by the wide scale usage of Hydrogen. There are many technical challenges and infrastructural challenges that exist around Hydrogen, including cost effective production, storage, distribution and general product control that is in its fledgling stages in many developed countries.

Hydrogen is the most abundant component in our universe, and is the cleanest and most practical fuel for general usage by modern man. Replacing fossil fuel for transport, cooking and low impact domestic usage is a distinct probability, with some countries implementing the first steps required for the production and distribution of Hydrogen.

There are serious challenges in developing this market. Hydrogen batteries use Platinum as a key component required for the chemical process that takes place as Hydrogen and Oxygen “re-converge” in the battery, creating heat, water and electricity.

As can be imagined, Hydrogen batteries are expensive as a result, making the current batteries economically unsound as an option.

Praggia will be filing patents once POC has been achieved around certain designs, concepts and chemical constructs. We will be funding these research projects during 2013, in our new testing and development centres.

However, we are not revealing any information regarding these components at this stage as protection of these initiatives and developments under the Patents laws will first be applied for before open product testing and product information release will be implemented.

However, Hydrogen is a very exciting sector with interesting developments over the past 10 years. Praggia believes that we have achieved a unique and revolutionary concept. Part testing was completed on the basic construct in 2007, and we intend to complete this project under Praggia Research Pty Ltd control.

Praggia is excited by the projects that it will develop in 2013, including the Hydrogen and the Turbine Wheel projects. We look forward to completing these projects and bringing these to market.

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