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PRAGGIA RESEARCH Pty Ltd is a new company that has been formed around various products that have been in development since 2004.

The company has been formed by people who have been exposed to some of these products in various ways over the past eight years. The shareholders of this company all believe in the common ethos that guides Praggia. This ethos also drives us to achieve something that is said to be almost impossible.

However, we strongly believe in the impossible.

We have, against all odds, launched a company that aims to research products that are designed to improve the lot of mankind. We will only develop products that hold this promise.

The core products that Praggia will bring to market over the next two years will affect many aspects of our daily lives positively. Only products that hold this kind of promise are the products we will develop, or consider developing under contract to external inventors.

One of our main aims is purity in this process. Everything that does not serve this end will be discarded or ignored.

In the past, Praggia developed products in the motor industry that was marketed across the world under the brand name PRAGGIA. Our research was concentrated in this area. We developed a manufacturing arm, as well as a distribution network to bring these products to market.

This served to teach us a very important lesson. Our strength is in research, not in manufacturing or distribution. These we will leave to other parties. Praggia managed to produce the most effective range of after market products for the motor industry. Our products have still not been surpassed in quality, innovativeness and excitement in this sector of the industry.

Many have tried to copy our technology, but they still have not equaled our achievements.

However, since 2008 we have concentrated on products and designs that we were already working on at that time, and aim to bring these protecting patents and products to market.

Research projects that exist today are aimed at improving existing products. Efficiency and better performance is the broadest base for most. Praggia will concentrate in this sector as well. However, we aim to become a recognized name in innovative creative projects and product development in completely new products and projects that forge new ways in society. New products, aimed at taking giant steps towards protecting our environment, new ways to use technology and new ways to do business.

One lesson we have learnt from the Motor industry in the past 8 years is this: just because a thing has been done the same way for 100 years, does not mean it is right.

We encourage thinking outside the box. We have some terrifying challenges that exist today. We have all seen these flags. Global warming. Poisoning of our oceans. Over fishing. Extinctions. Pollution. Fossil fuel damage. GM foods poisoning. The list goes on and on.

We believe that thinking outside the box is what will create new products and new ways that must solve these problems. We have no choice.

This company aims to approach the search for answers in a different way. Some of the products we will be working on will be viewed as radical. However, one of the slogans that describes our thinking, is “It is impossible, until someone does it.

Many products exist today that were once labeled as ridiculous, impossible or a gimmick. Before it was proved that we could build machines that could fly, many prominent scientists in the mid 1800’s labeled these efforts as folly, a waste of time, ridiculous ventures by “men maddened by laudanum”. (It seems our drug problem is older than we think). Once these machines were developed and proved that we could build machines that could fly, prominent scientists and bankers wrote lofty articles warning people not to invest in these companies and in these machines. “There is no future in these machines. We can have no use for these flying machines.” Really?

In the mid 1960′s, movies showed “PCD’s” or personal communication devices that were small and was used to communicate personally. It could be used to send you images or video streams. [See various Star Trek clips]. The social commentators labeled that idea as absurd. Why would we need such a thing in real life? Who would use such a thing? Will never happen!!! ….. Really?

40 years later, and you are probably reading this on your own PCD, whatever form that is. Might be a smart phone, or a tablet….. People were advised not to take that idea seriously.

Try living your life today without your PCD…..

When it comes to technology, nothing is written in stone. Technology drives modern man. It allows us to develop. Technology allows us to progress. However, modern man’s lifestyle comes at a price. Constant development and innovations are needed to solve modern mans problems.

We believe strongly in the premise that says “What’s next?” and “There is no limit!!”.

Praggia Research Pty LTD is a South African registered company. Currently [Oct 2012] all the shareholders are South African. Praggia Research Pty LTD is a new company, even though the products have been under development for some time. We had decided to form a new company for strategic reasons.

Praggia will be opening it’s Development Centre in Cape Town, South Africa soon. Plans are advanced in this regard, and employment offers are already being extended to those individuals who were seen as experienced and free thinking and have the necessary qualifications to assist the company in developing those products that we will be developing.

What are the basic constructs that drive our policies?

These are questions that have been raised since we launched the project to register a new company around our products in June 2012.

In short, these are those points.

  1. Praggia will operate independently, but will endeavor to partner with those individuals, organizations, companies or associates who can assist in promoting the development, supply funding or marketing opportunities for our products and projects.
  2. Praggia has no intention to compete with existing manufacturers in any of the fields in which we develop technology. Our aim is to procure income and profit from the license agreements around our patents and IP [Intellectual Property].
  3. We will not develop products that show potential to harm people, animals or the environment.
  4. We will not allow our products to be used for military use anywhere.
  5. Praggia will always approach each challenge with innovative methods and ideas. We believe there are no wrong answers. There are no silly ideas.
  6. Praggia operates on the premise that all we do must improve people’s lives.

We will keep you informed as we progress. Watch this space.

Our registered and postal address:

Praggia Research Pty Ltd
29 Levine Crescent,
Western Cape.


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